Kellicutt show opening

Precipice Lake won an honorable mention at the Kellicutt show opening on July 6. Here’s what Tom Till, photographer and juror said about the piece:
“I picked this image for the show. Reflections are a huge part of my work as a landscape photographer, and I love what was done here. It reminds me of the Adams image, but it’s completely different. I also know that it’s a long hike to get in there. I appreciate the work that goes into an image like this–the sweat equity, and I appreciate seeing a new take on a famous photo locale. I understand how hard this was and I congratulate the photographer for hard work and originality.”

I heard there were over 1900 entries for this show! I’m very pleased to accompany the other 44 photographers hanging in the exhibition and those in the display portfolio. You can check out the show at and all the award recipients at

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